Orchid HD P1.9 - 1.90mm

Corporate, Retail, Control Room

The Orchid is a stunning, high resolution display designed for close proximity viewing and applications where picture quality is a top priority. The 1.9mm pixel pitch LED display delivers true full HD resolution at 165 inches with an exact 16:9 aspect ratio.

The screen reaches a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits and a refresh rate of 1,920 Hz, with a viewing angle of 160 degrees and minimum viewing distance of an incredible 1 meter.

Technical Specification

Module Resolution Pitch 1.9mm
Brightness (after calibration) 2000 nits
Refresh Rate >1.9k Hz
Frame Rates Supported 50/60/100/120 Hz
Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 608 x 342 x 76mm
Cabinet Weight 9.8 kg
Viewing Angle (50% Brightness) 160° Horizontal, 160° Vertical
Power Consumption @ 2000 nits Max: 827 W/㎡ Avg: 385 W/㎡
Typical Power Consumption @ 800nits 250 W/㎡
Nominal LED Work Life (50% Brightness) 100,000 hours
Display Resolution 277,007 pixels/㎡
Protection Grade - Front IP 54
Protection Grade - Back IP 3x
Serviceability Front
Scan Configuration 1/6
LED Driver IC Custom Common Cathode LED Driver
LED Type SMD-1514
PCB Size 304 x 228mm
Construction Material Aluminum
Cabinet Configuration 2 x 1 Modules
Cabinet Resolution 320 x 180 pixels
Certifications PSE/ETL/CE/FCC/ROHS
Operating Power Voltage 100-240 volts
Operating Power Frequency 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature -20°C min / +45°C max
Storage Temperature -20°C min / +60°C max
Operating Humidity 20% min / 90% max
Storage Humidity 10% min / 90% max
Video Input DVI / HDMI
S/W Brightness Control 256 steps
Grey Scale Resolution 16-bit
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