Magnolia P1.5 - 1.50mm

Broadcast, Control Room, Corporate

At a whopping 444.5k pixels per square metre, it offers an incredible viewing experience, even at close proximity.

The 1.50mm pixel pitch enables a 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen at a 130” diagonal size, making this the ideal solution for boardrooms and conference rooms.

Based on SiliconCore's Common Cathode technology, the Magnolia has one of the lowest power dissipation in the industry. The display ensures high power efficiency, excellent uniformity, extremely wide viewing angle and low heat generation, enabling completely silent fan-less operation.

At 1500 nits, it offers the ultimate viewing experience, even in high ambient light, with vibrant color reproduction.

Technical Specification

Module Resolution Pitch 1.5mm
Brightness (after calibration) 1500 nits
Refresh Rate ≥.1.9k Hz
Frame Rates Supported 50/60/100/120 Hz
Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 480 x 270 x 95.4mm
Cabinet Weight ~7.2Kg
Viewing Angle (50% Brightness) 160° Horizontal, 160° Vertical
Power Consumption @ 1500 nits Max: 741 W/㎡ Avg: 417 W/㎡
Typical Power Consumption @ 800 nits 342 W/㎡
Nominal LED Work Life (50% Brightness) 100,000 hours
Display Resolution 444,444 pixels/㎡
Protection Grade - Front IP 54
Protection Grade - Back IP 3x
Serviceability All service from rear and front
Scan Configuration 1/8
LED Driver IC Custom Common Cathode LED Driver
LED Type 1010 Common Cathode Black Body LED
PCB Size 240 x 270mm
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