Lily P5.2 - 5.20mm

Live Events, Digital Signage

With an minimum viewing distance of 30 feet the Lily 5.2mm is ideal for creating large scale digital signage applications with no visible seams. The high brightness of the display makes it perfectly suited
for environments with intense ambient lighting such as glass atriums for signage within retail or transportation hubs, as well as corporate lobbies.

The Common Cathode driver method improves the power efficiency of the display ensuring less is wasted as heat so no additional HVAC cooling infrastructure is required.

Technical Specification

Module Resolution Pitch 5.2mm
Brightness 1500 nits
Refresh Rate ≥.1.9 kHz
Frame Rates Supported 50/60/100/120 Hz
Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 500 x 500 x 120mm
Cabinet Weight -8.9kg
Viewing Angle (50% Brightness) 160° Horizontal, 160° Vertical
Power Consumption @ 1500 nits Max: 504 w/㎡ Avg: 221 w/㎡
Typical Power Consumption @ 800 nits 38 w/cabinet, 153 w/㎡
Nominal LED Work Life (50% Brightness) 100,000 hours
Display Resolution 36,864 pixels/㎡
Protection Grade - Front IP 54
Protection Grade - Back IP 3x
Serviceability All service from rear
Scan Configuration 1/8
LED Driver IC Custom Common Cathode LED Driver
LED SMD Chip SMD-2121
Grey Scale Resolution 16-bit
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