Cadillac Fairview CEO Office Installation


Cadillac Fairview has reinforced its position at the forefront of the commercial retail industry with a state –of-the-art collaborative office space featuring a SiliconCore Magnolia 1.50mm LED display.

Integrator NetX transformed the offices of CEO John Sullivan in the Toronto HQ with the SiliconCore display. With a minimum viewing distance of under 1.5m and 160° viewing angle, this display was perfect for this boardroom application. The display was installed on a custom made RP Visual scissor frame to allow reaer access to the cabinets.

Rendered in Full HD, achieved at just 130” diagonal with brightness of 2000 Nits, the Magnolia offers the ultimate viewing experience, even in high ambient light, with vibrant colour reproduction which makes it the perfect solution for boardrooms and conference spaces.

David Crafton, VP of Sales, Central Area for SiliconCore explains:
“Introducing bespoke LED displays into boardroom areas is still a new concept that is being made possible by the shrinking pixels pitches that are making the benefits available to this new market. With the ability to display 444.9k pixels per square meter, the Magnolia enables large data sets to be shared and interrogated, with the seamless display solution ensuring no crucial data is hidden in bezels. They can also be built in any size and contrast ratio to perfectly fit a space.”