Common Cathode Technology

SiliconCore’s proprietary Common Cathode Technology is revolutionizing the LED display market enabling higher resolution screens with a pixel pitch as low as 0.95mm.

These new high resolution screens enable LED displays to be used in environments where close proximity viewing is key, such as corporate, broadcast and high-end retail environments. Sustainability is a key benefit of the technology with very efficient power consumption across the range.

How does it work?

An LED device has two terminals, an anode and a cathode, and each pixel consists of three LEDs (red, green and blue), requiring a total of 6 terminals.

In traditional Common Anode LED panel designs, the terminals of all 3 LEDs are wired together to form one Common Anode terminal. This means that in traditional Common Anode systems, in order to maintain a constant voltage across all three LEDs, an external ballast resistor must be added in series with the red LED to equalize the voltage drop across all three LEDs (red, green & blue).

The addition of an external ballast resistor increases the required PCB space, as well as the power dissipation, which generates heat. This also reduces the available space for LEDs, thereby impairing the overall integration density of the LED panel, making fine pixel pitch harder to achieve. The additional heat source accelerates the aging process and reduces the lifetime.

In Common Cathode technology, separate, dedicated power supply voltages are supplied to the red, green and blue LEDs enabling the power supplied to the red LED to be controlled separately and eliminating the requirement for a ballast resistor.

This enables SiliconCore to equalize the brightness efficiency of the red, green and blue diodes and and dramatically reduce the power dissipation of the LED display system.

The more efficient, lower power design allows the display to handle a much higher density of LEDs while maintaining high brightness and performance. The lower power dissipation of the Common Cathode technology also eliminates the need for any type of forced cooling, resulting in a totally silent, fan-less design.

Key advantages of Common Cathode

  • Incredible high resolution
  • Color and brightness uniformity
  • Market leading low power consumption
  • Increased lifetime of 150,000 hours and performance over time
  • Fan-less design means no noise

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