Broadcast Screens

With SiliconCore's Direct View LED solutions, the display shows everything that the camera sees, offering crystal clear images and unrivalled uniformity. This ensures extremely accurate reproduction of all kinds of content. Our displays offer brilliant resolutions, super fast refresh rate of over 2,000 Hz and viewing angles that enable them to perform even with extreme off axis camera shots. This makes them perfect for broadcast applications camera see a rock solid image with no flickering or pulsing. The LED screens can be built in any aspect ratio including 16:9, 4:3 or a bespoke size to suit a set design, at a resolution to suit your application and budget.

SiliconCore broadcast packages can be tailored fit to suit the client’s monitoring and on-air needs for TV shows, news backdrops, broadcast or distribution monitoring rooms, screening or post-production environments. These seamless displays perform brilliantly in bright studio lights and are reliable enough for 24/7 operation.

Digital Signage

SiliconCore’s LED solutions are ideal for applications throughout the whole retail environment from high-end signature displays and showroom centrepieces through to directional signage and interactive displays. SiliconCore displays have been installed by some of the world’s leading retail brands.

The low power consumption and minimal heat emission means that displays keep their vibrancy in high ambient lighting or when used as window displays. The uniformity even when viewing off axis makes these LED screens a perfect retail solution. The scalable nature of technology means any size or shape of display can be created with very little retail space lost, thanks to the screens’ thin design.

Corporate Environments

The revolutionary design of SiliconCore’s LED technology means that these displays are bringing a new dimension to closer proximity viewing applications including lobbies and reception areas, presentation suites and auditoriums.

2.6mm & P1.9mm pixel pitch LED walls are replacing auditorium rear projection to provide a large seamless canvas for presentations. For collaboration suites that incorporate telepresence and presentation displays, the 1.50mm Orchid Display is a popular solution where a high end, vibrant solution is required. The SiliconCore design also ensures a very low Total Cost of Ownership and no replacement parts within the system, making this an excellent long term investment for corporate applications.

Control Room & Military Applications

SiliconCore Displays are ideal for command and control centres in military, industrial and federal applications. The displays are designed with high reliability as a key consideration, making them perfect for mission critical applications where there is no room for down time.

These Common Cathode displays are able to be built into any size with no seam gaps and very fine resolution, ensuring that every detail is captured on the screen. Whether the requirement is a CCTV room, briefing space, presentation and collaboration room or panic room screens, the lifespan of a SiliconCore product is 60,000 hours continuous use, so each provides a long term solution with a very small total cost of ownership once installed.

Stadia & Sports Venues

SiliconCore LED displays are perfect for all elements of branding throughout the sporting environment, from scoreboards, directional signage and relay screens through to close proximity viewing applications in corporate spaces.

Indoor and outdoor displays are available ranging from 1.50mm to 12mm pixel pitches with a market leading viewing angle to ensure a great viewing experience for every member of the viewing public.

The screens are able to reproduce live action on a huge scale with no ghosting thanks to proprietary anti-ghosting technology.

Visualization & Simulation Applications

Visualization is a high performance market where SiliconCore’s quality and dedication to innovation fits perfectly. Whether you are looking to create a simulation display to reproduce accurate real time content, or a theme park ride immersion screen, LED screens are the perfect choice.

SiliconCore displays not only offer high resolution and uniformity but also a maintenance free, long life solution which can run extremely high resolution content.


Now every room can have a view with our ultra fine pixel pitch LED displays providing excellent uniformity, extremely wide viewing angles and vibrant color reproduction. Dynamic content can be used to create true to life experiences, from watching the sun set on your own private virtual balcony to real time content of what is actually happening outside of the ship. Our Common Cathode driven displays emit less heat for a comfortable viewing experience in any space without the need for external HVAC, ensuring silent operation and industry leading total cost of ownership.

House of Worship Displays

Give everyone the feeling of a front row seat with direct view LED displays streaming live content. Our fine pixel pitches ensure excellent color reproduction, ultra wide viewing angles and a high refresh rate to keep the displays flicker free. The Common Cathode driver system means the screens have minimal heat emission resulting in a much longer lifespan on 100,000 hours ensuring investments last longer with no effects of ageing.


LED allows for the creation of displays that are any size of shape for truly seamless signage. The excellent color reproduction, wide grey scale and superb contrast ensures that displays mirror the colours of the catwalk and present brands in the right light to captivate shoppers. For internal ground level displays our Indoor range of ultra fine pixel pitch screens are ideal for close proximity viewing and direct view solutions, while our Outdoor range with over 4000 nit brightness maintain their vibrancy even in high ambient lighting.